Welcome to Screaming Skies, my personal blogging of the novels of Thomas Pynchon.  I have been teaching, reading, and writing about Pynchon for over four decades, and now that I am “emeritus,” I am going to attempt this public project of conducting a “close reading” of his novels, one by one, in chronological order.  Consider this a  loose collection of annotations, stray thoughts, riffs, relevant irrelevances and irrelevant relevances (yes, a made up pluralization) about Pynchon’s novels, as they occur and as I read.  This project is open-ended and very likely never to be completed, but I invite comments and additions along the way.  My hope is that this will prove of interest, amusement, and occasionally enlightenment to fans and casual readers of Pynchon alike.  Almost more than any writer I know, Pynchon invites the reader to join in the fun, to make connections and to think things through as s/he reads, so I do the same.  Please drop in from time to time as I make my journey; I would enjoy hearing from you.

For copyright reasons, I only cite brief passages and phrases from a given novel.  Please note all posts are in reverse chronological order.  Entries are categorized by the title of the novel discussed.